Airplane Dance Around the World, 2023 - Join NOW!!

"Airplane Dance Around the World" is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to world peace. We've enjoyed over 27 years of success on the web as of this date, and with the continued support of our loyal members, we hope to continue this crusade for years to come. Please join us in this noble cause. On October 2nd, 2023, "Airplane Dance Around the World 2023" kicks off (that's only days away... sign up now!).

Ok... I know what your thinking right now.... "world peace is good, but what can I do to help?"

Well.. it's easy... and it won't cost you a thing!!

All that we are asking you to do is participate in the cause, by doing the "Airplane Dance" on October 2nd, 2023. You can do it any time on that day, at your leisure. The important thing to us is that we get people involved.

Ok... by now your thinking "ok.. this sounds easy... but what the heck is the Airplane Dance?"

The "Airplane Dance" is easy.. and almost anyone can do it. People who join in this momentous event will fall into one of two groups... "Props" or "Jets".

The men will be in the "Props" group, and the women will be in the "Jets". This isn't sexism, it's just biology.

To do the dance... just follow these easy steps...

1. Drop your pants.
2. Hold your arms straight out to your sides
3. Wiggle you hips until you get that "Prop" action going.
(If you are a "Jet", this wont happen (hopefully) so just go with it!)
4. Keep it going for as long as you can, and imagine all the other
people in the world who are doing this with you!

Ok... I know this sounds odd... but it feels good! And if everyone in the world is feeling good, how can there be war?

So send me an e-mail to say your going to join right now, and I'll add you to our list of participants today!! Please make sure to include the following in your e-mail so that you can be added correctly: First Name, Last Initial, City, State/Province, Country (if out of North America), and whether you want to be classified as a "Prop" or a "Jet" (I won't read anything into this.... I just put down what you specify). If you want your name to link to a web page or e-mail address please specify that also in the e-mail (if you don't ask for a link, I won't put one in).

Sign me up now!

We will not send you junk mail (other than a letter congratulating you for joining), nor will we give or sell your e-mail address to anyone else, so it's a safe thing to do (we hate spam just as much as you do!).

Current "Airplane Dance Around the World" Members!
Tone P. - WWBD Webmaster Angie H. - Spokane, WA USA
Trevor W. - A crazy Canuck Heather F. - Mead, WA USA
Tom B. - Federal Way, WA USA Darelle E. - Brisbane, Australia
Phillip M. - Rapid City, SD USA Terri - Someplace in Wisconson
Steven A. - Spokane, WA USA Neva B. - Spokane, WA USA
Craig S. - Las Vegas, NV USA Lynnie B. - Granby, MA USA
Mark H. - Spokane, WA USA Cindy L. - Federal Way, WA USA
Chris W. - Airway Heights, WA USA Cathy H. - Spokane, WA USA
Andrew E. - Brisbane, Australia Maree B. - Spokane, WA USA
Steve H. - Newman Lake, WA USA Stephane M. - Adelaide, South Australia
Wayne R. - Cheney, WA USA Betty P. - Ocean Park, WA USA
Bob M. - Olympia, WA USA Debbie A - Atlanta, GA USA
Dan F. - Spokane, WA USA Linda B. - Spokane, WA USA
Robert H. - Whapeton, ND USA Denise G. - Spokane, WA USA
Jim C. - Spokane, WA USA Heather A. - Greenacres, WA USA
Shawn M. - Spokane, WA USA Zina M. - Spokane, WA USA
Steve H. - Spokane, WA USA Margaret C. - Spokane, WA USA
Tim R. - Spokane, WA USA Tracy B. - Rathdrum, ID USA
Johnny H. - Baxley, GA USA Jonna B. - Spokane, WA USA
John S. - Toronto, ON Canada Margrot R. - Santa Barbara, CA USA
Josh W. - Spokane, WA USA Eve P. - Sydney NSW Australia
Allan K. - Taber, AB Canada Sue C. - Palmer, Alaska USA
Joe L. - Coeur d'Alene, ID USA Daina B.  - Rowlett, Texas USA
Jason L. - Acton, ON Canada Katie B. - Danville, KY USA
Robert M. - Spokane, WA USA Donna - Pittstown, NJ, USA
Jack O. - Ocean Park, WA USA Renzi H. - Caracas, Venezuela
Seth W. - Austin, TX USA Kim N. - Spokane, WA USA
Andrew K. - Portland, OR USA Eve M. - Savanna, TN USA
Jeremy W. - Johnstown, PA USA Joy L. - Palmer, Alaska USA
Chris R. - Spokane, WA USA Jenifer M. - Spokane, WA USA
Jeff M. - Spokane, WA USA Corina D - Springfield, MA USA
Bryan L. - Spokane, WA USA Alfreda H. - Mitchel, SD USA
Jerry B. - Spokane, WA USA Sherry A. - Dover, Delaware USA
Larry G. - Reading, United Kingdom Lisa E. - West Sacramento, CA USA
Heiko W. - Weilerswist, Germany Kirstin M. - Anchorage, AK USA
Lars L. - Charlottesville, VA USA
Brandon C. - Unknown
Pat P. - Beaverton, OR USA
Ron H. - Spokane, WA USA
Josh W. - Spring Valley, CA USA
David G. - Unknown
HanksterZ - Hankstermania, CA USA
James K. - Houston, TX USA
Niklas K. - Gothenburg, Sweden
Warren M. - San Remo, NSW Australia
Daniel G. - Gottorp R, Sweden
Jayson B. - Woodstock, CT. USA
Jüergen H. - Frankfurt, Germany
Adam M. - Calgary, Ab, Canada
Dave H. - Atlanta, Ga USA
Joe P. - Westland, MI USA
Jimmy J. - Trelleborg, Sweeden
Scott S. - Unknown
Allen S. - Richmond, VA USA
Jason S. - West Springfield , MA USA
Kevin M. - Spokane, WA USA
Michael C. - Spokane, WA USA
Curtis J. - Unknown (it's better that way)
Rodd T. - Greenacres, WA USA
Michael S. - Coeur d'Alene, ID USA
Travis C. - Post Falls, ID USA
Peter K. - Borås, Sweeden
Rowland S. - Raleigh, NC USA
Jeff O. - Toledo, OH, USA
Aaron B. - Chemung, NY USA
Dave H. - Farmington, CT USA
Cody P. - Coeur d'Alene, ID USA
Dave P. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Colin M. - Anchorage, AK, USA
AJ S. - Dallas, TX USA
Ludwig P. - Somewhere in Germany
Alonso - Somewhere in Central/South America
Todd T. (aka Officer Todd) - Spokane, WA USA

If you join, and you have a web site, please take the "Airplane Dance Around the World" button below and place it on your page. Make sure to link it to:

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