International State of the Ashtray Rules

I got an e-mail from Chadd Hall of Atlanta, GA suggesting that I put up an "International State of the Ashtray" page where you, the viewer, could have images of your ashtray posted for all to see.

So there it is!

E-mail me a pic of your ashtray and I'll post it on the "International State or the Ashtray" page for the whole world to see. There a are a couple of stipulations for submitting an image:

1. The image must be under 50 kb in size (I'm doing this from a modem... please, keep the file size down to a minimum. The images I use are only 15 kb).

2. It must be a picture of an actual ashtray that you (or people around you) use. Don't go surfing the web for other images and sending them to me.

That's it. If you have a pic of your ashtray, simply e-mail it to me by clicking on this line. Easy as pie.