Every so often, I get an idea.

My wife and I were talking the other day about this and than, and we happened upon the subject of soft drinks. After deliberating over why all soft drinks are fruit flavor based, I asked "why can't there be a meat flavored soda?".

I then went into detail on what was to become the WWBD line of carbonated gravy beverages. Simply put, carbonate savory gravy and put it in a can or bottle.

Then (while my wife started turning an odd color of green... I still don't understand that one), I talked about the various flavors: Roast Beef Soda, Turkey Tonic, Cream of Chicken Soda, and SPAMTM Spritzer.

This was pure brilliance in action.

The next day, I designed the cans and did a quick render via trueSpace 4 to see what they might look like. Next, I began to market the idea with friends at work (with mixed results... men like the idea, women (like my wife) generally turn green and walk away (I still haven't figured that one out).

Now, all I need is a few hundred thousand dollars to market my idea to the men of the world (I think I'm going to give up on the women). If you have a few hundred thousand dollars, and you would like give it to me for this fine project (a guaranteed money maker... honest!), just e-mail me here!