State of the Ashtray

This is probably the last pic of the ashtray you'll see for a while. We changed janitorial services at some point during the "State of the Ashtray" hiatus, and unlike their predecessors, these kids clean the ashtray EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now where's the fun in that?

Here we go again!
The ashtray as of 07/27/99 at 3:40 PM PST

History of the Ashtray.
What the hell is this about, and why are you doing it?.

Autopsy of the Ashtray
You will not believe the stupid thing that I did!

Archive of previous pics.
It just gets worse from here.

International State of the Ashtray
Pictures of ashtrays submitted by people just like you.

The Camel Conspiracy
Believe what your eyes tell you!

Movie Time
Is the use of cartoon characters for advertising cigarettes ethical? Apparently Winston thought so (3.07 MB quick time file of the Flinstones pitching Winston Cigarettes).

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