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Big Red Head = Freak-O-Ramma

November 18, 2002 By: bio Category: General

How to be a total freak:

4 oz. Volume 40 Peroxide
2 oz. Wella blue oil
2 pkg. Wella Speed Light
1/4 bottle Special Effects “Atomic Red”

Mix first 3 ingredients, slather on head, cover with a plastic cap and wait 1 hour 15 minutes. Wash. Brush on last ingredient and wait 15 minutes. Wash with red shampoo, use red conditioner.

Pick an appropriate shirt to match and attend your sister’s company party.

And no… the image was not touched up via photoshop (that’s the actual color).

My sister and I – Gaurdian Employee Appreciation Party 11/16/02

Indentured Servitude

November 05, 2002 By: bio Category: General

Tis the eve of my last normal day for a while.

We’re doing a Disaster Recovery Test of our customers system beginning at 3:00 am tomorrow. This means that I’ll be working various odd hours for the next several days while we take over all their production systems and replicate the daily processing that they would normally do.


So, if you live in the Pittsburgh PA area, I’m the guy who’s calculating your electric bill this week.

Also, I found a few html errors in the last archive (links and such) and corrected them. For the 1 or two of you who came here to actually read the content (and didn’t find this place while searching for animal porn) this might actually be appreciated.