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Oh yeah… I forgot…

February 27, 2004 By: bio Category: General

It’s been busy and forgot to fulfill my promise of full frontal nudity… so here it is (better late than never):

Or perhaps “never” would have been better after all.

Just say “no”

February 24, 2004 By: bio Category: General

Well, my quandary over what to do was resolved today.

My old neurosurgeon’s office called today to get information about me for the study (artificial disk replacement). I informed her that I don’t want to be in the study.

She was taken aback by that. I don’t think anyone ever says “no” to a thing like that.

But with my past history with his office I just don’t feel comfortable under his care. I feel that he has lied to me and put his own advancement above my health. He’s broken promises and given me different diagnoses with nearly every visit.

Hopefully everything will go better with the new neurosurgeon.

In totally unrelated news, tomorrow is my annual review at work. I’m not expecting much… I’ve been on heavy medication for the last 7 months and haven’t exactly been performing my job very well. I have a thinking job, and it’s hard to think with your in either complete agony or so doped up that you can’t function.

Of course, that doesn’t stop them from loading on the assignments. I shouldn’t bitch, at least I have a job, but it seems that the worse I feel, the more projects I’m given.


Well… that’s enough of the pity party for tonight. Tune in tomorrow: Full frontal nudity is a promise!!


February 24, 2004 By: bio Category: General

I had a meeting with my neurosurgeon yesterday. I left his office completely confused.

Instead of coming off as “cold” and “aloof” (as he has in the past), he shook my hand and pulled me out of the examination room and into his plush office. This man who had said I had 3 bad discs that required either replacement or fusion now says I only have one bad disc. He went from saying a month ago that he didn’t need to see me to saying he would put me on the “fast track” to getting surgery.

What the hell?!?

He also offered to put me in the study for the artificial disk. This is the carrot that has kept me going, but I now wonder if it’s the right thing to do. The surgery is still experimental, and I’m not sure if that’s the path I should take. I would also have to wait till September for the procedure. One more point… an artificial disk isn’t promised. As part of the study, I would have a 66.6% of getting disk replacement and a 33.3% chance of fusion. They also don’t know how long the artificial disk will last. He told me that since this is part of a medical study, the procedure would be done at no cost to me. Um… I have insurance. It would only cost me my $10 co-pay for any billed surgery.


I have another doctor who has taken me under his wing and promised to get me the treatment I need in a timely manner, and I’m thinking that perhaps I should stay with him. He hasn’t lied to me or filled me with false hopes (as apposed to my neurosurgeon) and has also already scheduled me for the appropriate tests to verify what needs to be done. I get the feeling from him that he genuinely cares about me and wants to do whatever it will take to make me whole again (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

My gut feeling is to go with my new doctor. As much as I’d like to try the artificial disk, my trust level with the old neurosurgeon is gone.

Oh… and one more thing: there’s a possible side effect of either surgery that I’ve never heard of before. It’s both comical and horrifying at the same time.

In approximately 1% of men who receive the treatment, there’s the possibility of a specific kind of nerve damage. Because they go through the abdomin to get to the back , there’s a possibility that they may damage the nerve fibers responsible for ejactulation, causing the valves that control the direction of flow to reverse. So… on the offbeat chance I ever have sex again, I may “injaculate”, that is… fire in reverse, into my bladder.


The week begins anew. Where are my socks?

February 23, 2004 By: bio Category: General

Tis once again Monday morning, and life from the homestead continues down the same old path.

A summary of my typical Monday morning:

  • 6:30 – Wake up
  • 6:32 – Drink a cup of coffee
  • 6:35 – Smoke a cigarette or two
  • 6:40 – Wake my eldest son
  • 6:42 – Have a second cup of coffee
  • 7:00 – Wake my youngest son
  • 7:10 – Fire up the laptop and log in via the VPN to work
  • 7:15- Check email
  • 7:30 – Launch the suite of applications I use for work
  • 8:00 – Update the website with the weekend wrapup

    Not that this weekend was spectacular or anything. I did end up formatting my computer (Windows is a cranky bitch and needs to be blown away about once a year). It’s running well again, so all is good in computerland.

    I am a little worried about my server (the machine which hosts this little bundle of love). It’s been a little funny for the last week or so. I had lost a drive in the RAID array and fear that I may lose another. I guess it’s time to get online and attempt to find some matching HP SCSI drives. Hello Visa… goodbye money!

    At some point today, I guess I should shower and shave. I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon this afternoon and I guess I should be all presentable and stuffs. Not that he’s gonna do anything to help me (I’ve given up hope on him a while ago but continue to go through the motions. Why? I dunno.). My new doctor has already done more for me in one visit than my neurosurgeon has done in a year. I think I’ll keep him.

    Things ought to get a little more exciting for me in a few weeks. I have to fly to Pittsburg on March 17th for two weeks. Between the flight and a couple of weeks lying on a hotel mattress, I ought to be in lovely shape for the return. Unfortunately, because of this trip, I’m going to miss my eldest son’s birthday. I’ll have to do something special to make up for it when I return. I’d love to take him to Nascart Indoor Speedway, but that’s something I’ll have to just watch (I love racing there, but have a feeling it would probably make me wish for a quick death).

    That’s about it for today.

    At this point, I’m supposed to post some funny image, link, or other mental diarrhea. But today’s post is calorie free.

    *the medications wearing off
    gonna hurt not a little, alot
    keep on tickin’ you’re not lickin’ me

    *”The Medication’s wearing off” by The Eels
  • Cabin Fever R Us

    February 20, 2004 By: bio Category: General

    I got my appointment for the discogram today (now doesn’t that look like fun!).

    The general gist of the procedure is: they stick a needle in each of the 3 discs in question and make injections into each disc, one at a time (kinda like this…. only with more needles). When a disk with problems becomes injected, it reproduces the pain you’re having (so they can narrow it down to which disk actually needs fixing). Oh… and since they need to see the reaction, I can’t take my pain meds that day. Sound like fun? You betcha!

    Since this takes about 4 hours total time (most of that is spent in recovery), it’s gonna be a long day.

    And speaking of long days… working from home sucks! By nature, I’m a very social creature. I’ve been isolated for a few weeks now and it’s really starting to get to me. I’m grateful that I don’t have to go into the office (riding in a car viciously tears my back up), but I find myself very, VERY bored. I have plenty of work to do, but I miss the social interaction. Hanging out with the smoky crew in the shed, lunch with Jess, Trev, and Stokes. The whole work scene.


    I wanted to post some wacky link or funny image today… but I’m not really into it today. Perhaps tomorrow (and, then again, perhaps not).