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Hoop, there it is!

June 29, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Hoopfest was this weekend. If you want pics of all the Black Dragons action (all 37 meg of it), click here! (or… if you’d like it all on a CD, send me a note and I’ll burn it with the images in the size of your choice)

Of course, we were out representin’ in wwbd style:

David, the webmaster, and the seeSTORE!

The games were good, the sun was bright, and I’m burned to a crisp!

The Weatherman pisses me off!

June 25, 2003 By: bio Category: General

The weather this week is absolutely beautiful. This, of course, makes me want to ride my baby.

I got permission from my neurosurgeon to get back on it a couple of weeks ago, but there was a stipulation: buy a new saddle with a back rest before going any great distance.

Damn it!

Now I’m looking to scrounge up $674 + s/h. If you just happen to have that amount kicking around with no plans to do anything with it, donations are gladly accepted (yes… I have no pride!).

In other news: Ray’s a bastard! (he’s picking up his black VTX from the dealer soon)

Link of the day: Build a Lego man (because it’s clever!)

Shields Up!!

June 19, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Apparently we have a fairly nasty variant of the W32.HLLW.Nebiwo virus floating around work. My boss has generously offered my assistance to our IT department to see if we can’t wipe it out. The only problem is: our anti-virus doesn’t catch this particular variant (McAffee is aware and after we sent them a boat load of crap, they’re creating a new DAT file for us).

Good times!!

In other, unrelated news: I like corn.

Question of the day: Would it be considered sacrilegious to sell Pope Soap on a Rope… or just to wash your body with it?

Howdy, howdy, howdy!   
Officer Todd says “Howdy!”                     bio says “SMASH!”

Link of the day: I’ll never eat pork again

Musica makes my ass move

June 18, 2003 By: bio Category: General

It’s all about the music…. and I have a new second favorite band of the moment… Doll Factory.

They have a download/listening section over here (may I suggest for your listening pleasure, Tin Girl – Tin Love).

I’ve been attempting to get the CD, but that’s proving to be a bitch, as they’re a small band from Seattle, and the distribution of their CD is somewhat limited (read: it’s on the web, but not in the stores… at least not here).

In the lunch category, I leave you with this warning: Thai Tuna Burger = culinary suicide. Picture if you will, flaked tuna and peanuts, smashed in a patty, then grilled to become the ultimate evil. My body hates me.

Link of the day: Rather than provide you with a single somewhat flat link, I’ve elected to pimp out a few friends:
Party in a Box JC’s domain… he’s a fucker.
mrmoth Music and musings. Moth rocks.
Bryan Leighty Just a guy trying to mind his own business
Eddie Canuck The flame magnet.
Slacker Uncensored Mox’s world.

Back in the saddle again

June 16, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Today marks my glorious return to employment.

After nearly a month off in sick leave, I am sooooo ready to do something just a tad more exciting that sitting at home. My options there were: watch my dog lick her butt (rather nosily, I might add) or stare at the wall. Going back to work is good.

We went out for lunch today at the Mongolian BBQ. For those of you who are unfamiliar with such a thing, let me explain:
You pile a ton of crap in a bowl (meat, veggies, noodles, etc), then you fill another bowl with your own special blend of “sauce” (they have a large number of different broths to choose from, ginger, garlic, curry, red pepper, plum, yadda, yadda, yadda). The “cook” grabs your bowl of crap, tosses it on a large round grill, dumps your “sauce” on top, and proceeds to fry the shit out of it.

Of course, they don’t clean it between customers, so you get whatever the guy before you had, and the guy behind you gets what you had (making the whole “choose your fixings thing” kinda mute).

Mine turned out pretty good because my brother-in-law, Trev, went before me and usually uses about the same things I do. Of course, I got a few of his jalapenos, and he got a boat load of peanuts and cilantro from he person before him (he hates both of those things; I can live with a jalapeno or two).

Link of the day: Nope… no link. Why? Because I find no humor in a world without vicodin.