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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:

Everything you see here is © whitewomanblackdog.com unless we say it isn’t. Steal it and we will beat you with sticks. No, seriously… we mean that. Big fucking sticks! The kind that will split your thieving ass head open. Don’t do it. If you can’t make something yourself, then you’re a dumbass. Go download AOLpress and a copy of Paint Shop Pro, then burn them to a CD and shove it into the orifice of your choice (we suggest you file the edges till they’re razor sharp first).

Oh yeah… and if you hotlink to an image of mine, I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be replaced with something much more amusing by the end of the day. It might have been a cute little image of a kitten when you hot linked to it… but it will be a man covered in feces, blowing a rottweiler later (I can provide links and actual loser testimony if you still doubt me). Trust me on this… you don’t want to give me the power to control the images on your server.

Ok… now to say it officially:

The name whitewomanblackdog.com and the whitewomanblackdog.com logo © Pixelthugs Productions, 1998 – infinity and beyond. All rights reserved. All content on this site is property of Pixelthugs Productions and may not be reproduced or displayed via electronic or hardcopy means without permission.

We have lawyers, they have cheese sticks. You don’t want to get bitch slapped by a cheese stick wielding lawyer, now do you? Of course not! That would make you look like a whimp. You’d cry, and probobly soil those nice slacks.

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