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It’s good to be the king!

March 31, 2004 By: bio Category: General

This whole website thing amazes me.

I can’t believe how many people actually come here every day/moth/year and actually read the crap I spew into the ether. I have an even harder time understanding why they come back a second time. There’s nothing special here, and there’s no porn/mp3’s/warez or the other stupid things that seem to drag ’em in by the bus loads.

Because of all the hits, and the people linking to my site, something else happened….

I’m #1 on google when searching for “wwbd” (at least for today).

I beat out that damn “What would Brittney Do” page and all the “What Would Budda Do” sites.

I am in awe.

So… since there seems to be some sort of interest, I shall attempt to be interesting. I will post more mental diarrhea than ever before for you, the loyal reader (those of you who surfed in looking for animal porn are just outa luck).


Back to the grind

March 30, 2004 By: bio Category: General

After the great Pittsburgh adventure, it’s life as normal once again.

I still have a ton of pictures to post as well as a write-up on the trip, but that will come later when I get time. For now, lets just say I survived the land of Italian wedding soup and french fries on your salad.

By the way… if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, make sure you get to Tramps Bar & Grill for lunch. The fish special is killer (thanks for the tip Gary!).

Now that the DR system has been transferred over, I’ve been given a new project. The servers will be here sometime on thursday for me to install the OS and such. Then on friday, I get to install, configure, and test the application (a brand new build with no installer… it’s gotta be done manually) as well as set up the database server. Everything better go perfectly, as it all has to be up and running exactly as designed by saturday morning.

No pressure here!

I’m also going to start working on a revamp of the site. I’ve decided that the current template looks too “canned” and want something new (like jester and eddie have done). There’s no ETA on this at the moment. The meds I take for my back are pretty rough on my creative abilities.

Don’t forget to check out mrmoth by clicking here or on the banner above. You won’t regret it!

Something new for you

March 24, 2004 By: bio Category: General

You may notice the banner at the top of the page for mrmoth.com.

This isn’t some paid for thing. Mrmoth is a good friend of mine who happens to make some exceptional music. His new album “Unto the Wasteland” is absolutely fantastic, and I’m attempting to drive a little traffic his way. If nothing else, move your mouse across the banner… it changes the dirction that the “stars” fly (ooooh… interactive fun!!)

So, if you came here for reasons other than your infinite quest for bestiality porn (as 78% of my search engine driven traffic does), you might be interested in checking him out.

Help a brother and buy the album. You won’t regret it.

Want to help more? If you have a website, post that banner on it! Just copy and paste the following code into your html:

Note: Code has been removed. If you want the banner, let me know.

Australian Porn

March 24, 2004 By: bio Category: General

A few years ago, I posted the following pic with the title “Australian Porn”

Australian Porn - shamefull, isnt it?

Now, someone has linked to it, and in the past couple days, I’ve gotten around 1,100 views of the image. So, being all clever and stuffs, I made a redirect to bring ’em to the main page.

You might as well see all the other stuff.


It’s 3 am eternal

March 24, 2004 By: bio Category: General

Well… it’s 3:30 pacific.

I’m still in Pittsburgh, so it’s around 6:30 here. I had to get up at 3:30 to be here at 5 (which sucks). We’ve implemented the DR system and are now testing it. Hopefully things go well so we can all go home early (rather than next monday).

Things I’ve discovered about Pittsburgh:

  • It’s fucking cold
  • When you say “good morning” to someone you don’t know, they look at you like they’ve just stepped in gum.
  • Yuengling is good
  • Iron City is not
  • Drivers have no idea how to merge when getting on the freeway
  • You don’t go to Hooters for the food
  • All roads lead back to where you were
  • Maria, the bartender, is my best friend here

    You might have noticed that the server was unavailable for most of yesterday. There’s a reason for that – HUGE XBOX BIG UPGRADE to the dsl line. We’re now cooking with gas… 1.5mb/s down (for me) 864kb/s up (for you). That’s a 315% increase in speed for serving up webpages.

    A huge thanks to my wife, David, and Michael for getting things up and running while I’m out of town! And it wasn’t even down for a full day (I was told it might be down up to 5).

    I called my son and asked what he thought of it. All he could say was “I’m in a game… AND I’VE GOT A PING OF 5!!!”.

    Good ’nuff.

    And speaking of my son, it’s his 15th birthday today! I gave him his gifts from me before I left: an Asus Geforce FX 5200 with 128mb of DDR and a very cool case fan (and yes, I ordered it from that site. They have good prices, reasonable shipping, and they are fast. XPCGear gets the WWBD seal of approval!!!).

    Oh… one last thing. Apparently I’ve misspelled Pittsburgh in the last several posts. While I’ve corrected it, I want you to know that I don’t proof read any of this crap. It comes as it is. No warranty is implied. Your results may vary. Rinse, lather, repeat. I’m also a lousy speller.

    But I’m sexy, and that’s all that matters.