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We’re baaaaaaack!!!!

May 27, 2009 By: bio Category: General

After nearly 3 years of hiding, WWBD is back with a vengeance!

“Why were we away” you ask… well, things had gotten decidedly un-funny, and fun is what we’re all about here at WWBD!

So, after 3 years of sitting on the couch in a dirty undershirt, watching porn and eating cheeto’s (and wondering why our willy’s were orange)… the decision was made to get off of our collective butts and hit the site once again.

The site will be updated every 2 weeks or so from now on (more or less… you may get less).

Hopefully… it won’t suck 🙂

0 Comments to “We’re baaaaaaack!!!!”

  1. Joshua says:

    Man, you make me wonder sometimes… (and I quote, “and wondering why “OUR” will’y were orange”) You have been home for a long time now… Its usually not a good thing when one talks in the plural about themselves… ?!?!

    Time for you to get with the times and play that new game BF2.. ROFL JK..

    I know WWBD is before we knew each other, but since the “other” place is down, how else am I supposed to enjoy your humor.. Miss you man.


  2. Welcome back cheeky man – you and your cheetos, which now I will quit eating.

  3. Eddie says:

    Mmmmmmm, Cheetos.

  4. DaVinci’s Notebook: failed commercial slogan they submitted:

    If you want to turn your daddy parts orange,
    Eat some Cheetos and watch some porn!