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Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow…

November 25, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Bah… it’s snowing like all hell out there right now!

looking out from my front door as of 4 minutes ago

I’m home today, as I got zero sleep last night after my doctor changed my meds (serious stomach problems starting at 2am kept me up). Normally, I’d be out there shoveling the snow, keeping the driveway and sidewalk all neat and tidy, but with my back, I’m pretty sure my wife wold kill me if I did.

One nice thing about my job though… even though I’m at home, I’m still working (thus, saving my vacation days from being used). My sick leave for the year is completely gone (I had over 160 hours at the start of the year) and now I’m sucking up the vacation time when I miss work (just over 170 hours).

Heh… I haven’t taken a vacation in a couple years, so the hours kinda build up.

I’m hoping to still have some for next summer, as I’m planning a trip back to South Dakota for my 20th High School reunion.

Hmmm… I’m not very entertaining today. Perhaps tomorrow.

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland (or not)

November 22, 2003 By: bio Category: General

We got nailed by mother nature a couple nights ago.

Apparently, we set all kinds of new records for the date, as 12″ (30.48 cm) came down at my place. The roads were a bitch.

Currently, It’s cold. It’s nearly 2pm and it’s just under 20° (-6.67° c)

My sister and brother-in-law are currently moving into my house. They’re looking to save up a few dollars so they can purchase a house of their own. Since my wife and I get along fabulously with them, things should be good (hopefully). My sister has lived with us in the past and there were no problems, so we’re looking forward to it!

Heh… I’ll have someone to play games with now (my wife isn’t into games, board games or computer).

The big thing for the coming week is preperation for the annual ThanksgivingTM Holiday. We invite the whole damn clan over to our place and fill them with tryptophan. Great times had by all!

That’s what a foot of snow looks like when you dump it on
some landscaping bricks.

I feel loved

November 17, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Those wacky kids on my forum are the best!

I had my spinal injection today. They stuck a curved needle in my back and injected “magic pixie dust” into my spinal cord (well… maybe it was something else). Either way… my leg isn’t hurting too bad, and I haven’t had a back spasm yet… so it gives me a little hope that things are going well.

Here’s a pic (take note… I DO have a spine!!!)

Yeah… there’s a couple of needles in there.

I’m probobly gonna be a little tender for the next couple days, but I hope to be back to work by Wednesday.

After the procedure, my wife drove me home. We stoped at McDonalds (aka: Crap on a Bun) for a breakfast sammich and orange juice. I found great humor in the reciept (look at the “cash tendered”). They did, however, give us the correct change.

I’m just glad it was “double-checked for accuracy”.

Matrix tonight

November 13, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I’m finally getting off my ass and heading out to see The Matrix – Revolutions tonight.

There’s been discussion of it on my forum (which I have not read as of this point as to negate spoilers). Of course, one of the users (miftah) posted the following in a different thread:

“Neo discovers the “source” is an Atari 2600 console. There, I ruined it!”

He further states “to save the human race, Neo challenges the Architect to the holy trifecta of 2600 competition: Q-Bert, Burger Time and Pitfall.”

Damn him… now I guess I don’t need to watch the movie!!

In other news, oh hell… there is no other news. My life is but a hollow shell covered by a gauzier facade. I have, however, decided that I’m not taking the morphine tablets my doctor perscribed me. The side effects outweigh the bennifits.

Yeah… I’m pry gonna get my ass kicked by both my doctor and my wife for that, but at least I’ll be able to take a crap (TMI, I know)

How to annoy me

November 12, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Our company is once again setting up for the holiday party in December.

Invitations delivered to our desks last Friday, and as usual, I had my RSVP in by 8:10 am on the same day.

Well, I guess that people are slow in turning them in. The organizers need to get a headcount so they can get it all set up, so they came up with a plan to get people to RSVP. They sent out an email reminder with an incentive: turn in your RSVP today between and receive a free glass ornament for your tree.

So… I head down at the appointed time and was told “No. You have to turn in your money and RSVP now to get one.”

“I paid the day you sent them out” I said.

“Then you don’t get one” he replied.

Normally I pretty much go with the flow, but the way he said it pissed me off. My reply was “So, what your saying is: next year I should wait to turn in my RSVP until after your desperate for a headcount, right?”.

His reply was a snooty look.

Really, not getting an ornament was no big deal, but the way I was told I wasn’t getting one was asinine.

Apparently, some of the other people on the party organization team thought this was fairly stupid too, so they held some ornaments in reserve to give to the people who had pre-paid.

I got a bear in a soldier’s uniform.