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Tank…. load the jump program.

May 31, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I got a call from the dealer yesterday saying that my car was ready. Of course, they didn’t get the message until it was too late to do anything about it, so I had planned on picking it up this morning. Then, at 9:30 this morning, I got another call from them. They took another look at it and decided to send it back to the tinter again because there’s a few more bubbles.


At least they’re looking at their work now and verifying that it’s been done right (which is a nice change of pace!).

Like a nuprin, it's little, yellow, different!

There is one point of convenience to picking up my car today…. the movie theatre is right across the street. We have tickets for the 3:15 showing of the Matrix Reloaded. I’ve been waiting for things to die down a bit (and my back to be able to sit in a chair for a couple hours) before I saw it. I’m more than a little jacked to finally get out and watch this little wonder of cinemagraphic magic. Hopefully it will be decent (read: not your typical stupid ass sequel).

There’s been a lot of chat on a mailing list I somehow got on over the film. No spoilers or anything like that, but rather a discussion over why the machines chose to plug in people rather than, say… cattle. A cow has far more bio-mass than a human, is much more docile, and would require a far less complex matrix to keep them happy.

Who would go to see the Mootrix – Re-pasturized? I could just imagine the virtual world being nothing but a large field, with all the cattle happily grazing away on virtual grass. When a Jersey Cow gets his training from Moopheus, and Moopheus orders Tank to “load the jump program”, the scene changes to another large grassy field with the moon hanging low in the sky.

I don't think they'd be wearing leather in this movie

Or maybe I just have too much free time.

And now, without further ado… the link of the day: How Much Is Inside? (The Vegemite edition)

Because it’s a known fact:

And now you know!

Back at home

May 30, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I’ve won myself an express trip back home.

Apparently, my body wasn’t quite ready for my glorious return to work and has rebelled against me. I’ve been waking up about 10 – 15 times per night with some pretty nasty back spasms (and let me tell you… those are wheeeeee, fun!!). So I came home early yesterday and am still home today. I’m going to see if there’s any way to work halftime for the next week or so. I’ll try to ease my way back in, rather than rushing headfirst into a normal routine (thereby giving my back a chance to heal).

On the automotive front… I still don’t have my car back. The Ford Fecal they gave me hurts my back (again.. I hate EVERYTHING about that car…. the seats, the noise the turn signals make, the controls… EVERYTHING!!!). There’s been no word on when they might have my car ready, but then again, they may be replacing the glass where it was scratched up by the tinter (and I may become the next King of England).

         It beats being the 'Queen' of England!
The king has an impressive “staff”!

Link of the day: Royalty free ways to kill yourself (I am sooooo punny!)

Work bad, lunch good!

May 28, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Though it’s nice to be back at work, I think I may have pushed it a bit when I returned.

I probably moved around more yesterday than I had in the previous two weeks, and I can feel it today. Heh… I may be taking another week off.

In unrelated news, I had lunch at Jack In The Box today (as Eddie ditched me and I was on my own… bastard!). I tried one of their new “supreme salads”… the Southwest Chicken.

It’s that damn good!!!

Grilled chicken, black beans, roasted sweet corn, pepperjack cheese, cherry tomatoes, and red onions… all on a bed of lettuce. It came with southwest ranch dressing (a little spice kick) and some spicy corn chip things to sprinkle on top. It’s also friggin’ huge (I’m stuffed!). Get one! It’s WWBD tested and approved!

Jack in the box should pay me for my glowing review!!

In other news…. well… there is no other news. You’ll have to settle for this lame link I found while frantically searching for something lame to link to. Enjoy!

Because I miss my car: Yellow Cars!

Perhaps I’m just grumpy…

May 27, 2003 By: bio Category: General

In the continuing (and somewhat boring) saga of my car problems, a new chapter is born:

The dealer kept a promise!

They came out to my work today with a rental (they’re paying for it) and drove off in my car. I gave them a complete list of the issues and all my contact info so they can get a hold of me. Hopefully they’ll have it for me soon.

The car the got for me to drive is a Ford Focus.
Focus on getting no play... loser!

Words can’t begin to describe what a piece of crap this thing is. The ride sucks, the interior sucks, the turn signals make the same sound as a rock stuck in your tire would make if you were driving slowly. Basically I hate it, but at least I have a car to drive.

My first day back at work has been interesting… I’ve got a lot of catch-up to do, and I’ve been accosted by nearly everyone I’ve walked past (because I’ve been MIA for 3 weeks). Hopefully things will settle down in the next day or two.

Link of the day: The Matrix Reloaded.

There’s a reason for the link… first you need to do something:

Go to the high bandwidth version of the matrix site, click on the yellow button, click on the grey square next to the “low bandwidth” button, click the green square that is revealed. Click the panel to access it.

Now enter the binary code 01101111 to get into hex mode.

Convert 0xA3B1A428 to binary and enter it in the hex access panel (that would be 1010 0011 1011 0001 1010 0100 0010 1000).

Or… you can just click here to download a 43 meg model of the Nebuchadnezzar (but only if you’re a lazy bastard).

I want to believe…

May 26, 2003 By: bio Category: General

In a surprise twist of fate…. the dealer is actually doing something about my car.

I decided yesterday that I didn’t want to wait till tuesday to talk to a manager, so I called them and got transferred to the manager on duty, Ken Roberts. After explaining the whole situation to him, he told me that he didn’t have the authority to do anything (then who does?), but he would take my complaint and information, and call me back today by noon.

He called at 9:30 this morning.

They can’t do anything today (it’s a holiday and everything is closed), but they are going to rent me a car tomorrow and bring it out to where I work, then take my car back to the shop. He said they would keep it until they were absolutely positive it was perfect in every way, then drive it to where ever I am and deliver it to me. They’re also going to detail it for me (as there’s brown crap splattered on the inside from whatever they use to adhere the tint to the windows).

While I’ll believe it when I see it… it looks like things are moving in a positive direction here. More to follow.

And now… the links of the day (courtesy of Eve… she rocks my world:
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