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Weekend bliss

March 31, 2003 By: bio Category: General

The weekend was wheeeee-fun!

My neighbor (the one who only talks to me when he feels the need to bitch about something)came over last Thursday and informed me that he was selling his house. He wanted to know how much I paid for mine, what the appraisal was worth when I refinanced, and if I would I clean my back yard (because there was a dog toy lying on the grass).

Saturday morning was spent cleaning the back yard (I picked up the dog toy and mowed the lawn) and working on the new server (the drive that was donated wasn’t recognized by the bios, so I had to do some creative swapping between machines to get one that would).

Saturday night, my sister and her man-toy came over for dinner. Of course, the Jagermeister ended up coming out of the freezer and they spent the night in my guest room (jager gooooood!).

Sunday was fairly gloomy overall (hangover’s all the way around… jager baaaaad!). The weather was nice but I wasn’t up to getting the bike out of the garage, so I spent the day reading email and playing games on the PC (Moo2 was the flavor of the day).

Today’s link of interest is here.

Updating the server

March 28, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Big things on the server front!

Mr. Jess and I have been formulating a plan to upgrade the dump. We’ll soon begin building a new server to replace the current one (it will become a firewall).

What this means for the 20 some odd domains that I host is: buttloads of new features (woot!). Spam filters, a better online mail system, better statistics tracking, etc. Life will be very cool indeed.

Donations have been pouring in from some of the folks I host (thanks to Neil for the 60GB drive!). I still need either a deceint CD-RW or tape drive for backups (hint-hint, nudge-nudge).

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic server. Pixelthugs will be that server. Better than it was before. Better … stronger … faster”

Eye candy

March 25, 2003 By: bio Category: General

My friend Jess just sent me a link to what has to be the most beautifully done site I’ve seen in quite a while:

who’s we



March 25, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I wanted to post something entertaining today, but life is pretty crappy at the moment.

Rather than boring you with the tedious details, I present to you, the loyal viewer (or, more likely, the 14 year old boy who randomly surfed in while searching for bestiality and/or interracial porn) the following link (click it, you know you want to!).

Dental hygene, offspring, and art

March 21, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I went to the dentist this morning for the first time since…. well… I don’t remember when.

Of course, telling your dentist that you don’t know when you last had a checkup is kinda like telling your doctor you don’t know your cholesterol level…. it’s a stupid thing to admit to.

So… full x-rays, complete scraping, and probing galore led to a conclusion of my dental health: perfect.

Though now I’m kinda committed to doing the every six month thing (or Guito, the dentist’s assistant, will break my knee caps).

On a side note: while I was there, the dentist was slightly taken aback. Apparently he has a patient, age 16, who looks exactly like me (sans the goatee). Interesting fact: about 17 years ago, I was dating a girl who became kind of weird suddenly. I had to go to Arizona for a month to help my mom with something, and when I came back, she had disappeared. My brother had joked at the time that perhaps she was pregnant.

Time to search the genealogy websites.


Oh… and here’s the art. Enjoy!