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Yup… I don’t have much to say.

April 26, 2005 By: bio Category: General

I haven’t had much to say for a bit.

Um… sorry. I lead a boring life.

So… I will attempt to jazz my life up a bit to entertain you, the humble reader. I will go out with my friends, drink heavily, go to the nudie bar, noisily return home at 3am, and attempt to get some lovin’ from the wife.

I will live on the edge (or in close proximity to it) just to make you happy.

Gone are those days when I live life as an average man… going to work, paying my bills, and stopping for pedestrians at cross walks. I will live life to the fullest, regardless of the consequences!

I begin my sojourn into the life of adventure by going to Wendy’s and ordering a bowl of chili. I will savor each and every bite, regardless of what’s in it.

In related news:
Anna Ayala (a.k.a. the “Wendy’s Chili Finger” lady) has been charged with attempted grand theft for the $2.5 million in losses the Wendy’s chain has suffered. She’s also charged with stealing $11,000 from a non-english speaking immigrant (she “sold” a trailer she didn’t own to someone who didn’t know any better).

It’s about damn time. Let this be a warning shot across the bow of scammers and con-artists who file frivolous lawsuits in their pursuit of the almighty dollar! If she’s found guilty, I hope that two things happen:

  1. She gets the maximum possible sentance
  2. Wendy’s sues her into the dirt

They need to freeze her assets right now so they can’t be disposed of.

Something I hope to never see

April 22, 2005 By: bio Category: General

As read by James Earl Jones

I have a dream

April 20, 2005 By: bio Category: General

I woke up around 5am this morning from a bad dream.

I dreamt that I was walking out of the store and caught someone siphoning the gas out of my car. A fight ensued, and they took off. In my dream, I tried to get in my car and chase them down, but I ran out of gas just as I got out of the parking lot.

Perhaps that’s my subconscious telling me that with the price of gas today, I should buy a locking gas cap.

Of course, if I believed in Freud, my gas tank would represent my mothers womb, the hose used to steal the gas would be my fathers penis, and the whole thing would mean that I was angry from being born (and I wanted to sleep with my sister).

Or something.

Note: with the price of gas nowadays, my wife wondered if stealing a full tank is now considered a felony.

I’m a media whore

April 19, 2005 By: bio Category: General

Apparently, KHQ is coming today at 11 to interview the President of our company. Someone, in their infiniate wisdom, thought it would be all spiffy and stuffs to do the interview in the control room of my NOC.

So… I’ve spent part of yesterday and all of this morning making it presentable (puting interesting looking screen up, attaching a couple of monitors to the KVM, etc).

Note: looking interesting and having actual value are two different things (I hope they don’t ask “what’s that screen for?”).

I’m going to attempt to stay out of the line of vision, but you will be able to watch it tomorrow night at 6 and 11 pm on channel 6 (if you live in the area). It might also be on the website… but I doubt it.

*EDIT* Yeah… they asked a lot of “what is that screen mean?” questions. They also got me to sit and look busy while they did the shoot. You can see the back of my fat head tomorrow at 6 and 11 (unless, of course, they edit me out… and I’m very cool with that).

How to make money dissapear (volume 6)

April 18, 2005 By: bio Category: General

We went shopping for a new dishwasher last weekend.

The old one had gotten pretty noisy over the past few years and it was time to retire it. I had priced them online and figured we’d get one in the $300 – $500 range. Man, was I ever wrong.

My wife looked at a few and settled on the Kenmore Elite TurboZone™ Dishwasher w/Premium Adjustable Rack.

Tall tub, adjustable racks, and it does pots and pans with ease.

It does everything, and should… because after paying for it and the 5 year service plan it cost us just over $1,000.

That doesn’t inclue instalation.

So… on wednesday… when it comes in, I’ll be getting grubby I guess.