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Merry Christmas (TM)

December 28, 2002 By: bio Category: General

And how was your Christmas(TM)?

Things went well at casa de Tone this year. Good food, good fun, and presents of the likes that place one in debit until the ripe age of 50.

The highlight of Christmas day was a vicious game of Rummoli. I, of course, was blown out of the game first, but it was entertaining to watch family members go at it with a fevered passion.

As for the gift thing… the coolest one for me was a set of IR headphones for my computer. They seem to work exceptionally well, with good sound and range. The only downside is if I get too close to the monitor, I start picking up interference (a loud buzzing).

I’m a lazy bastard

December 16, 2002 By: bio Category: General

It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t update this hold quite often enough.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons for my lack of updates for you, the one or two people who come here to check up on me (as apposed to the 50 or so who accidentally find this site while searching for beastiality porn)

  • I’ve been working on the Gore in ’04 campagne (but was laid off today)
  • The server hates me and I can’t post (more true than you might know)
  • Work is a bitch and eats my every waking moment (also very true)
  • I hate each and every one of you (probobly right on the mark)
  • I’m a lazy bastard (ok… that’s the real reason)

I’ll post more when I think of something interesting and/or get my lazy ass off the couch for reasons other than to urinate and get another beer.