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Comment Agreement

This site allows for the posting of reader comments.

The concept of a comment is to allow a reader to leave feedback to a post. Unfortunately, a large number of websites choose to use blog comments as a means to advertise another site by posting comments which have no relevance to the post and are solely for the purpose of generating traffic to that that site.

Whitewomanblackdog.com has understands that this is a marketing opportunity and now charges fees* for such comments.

Please note: The administrator of whitewomanblackdog.com is a fickle beast and may or may not allow your comment to appear on this website.


By posting a comment on this website, either in person, by script, program, or any other method, you agree to the following:

  1. You understand that the Administrator of whitewomanblackdog.com may or may not allow the comment to appear.
  2. You understand that this website, whitewomanblackdog.com, charges a fee for commercial postings*. A commercial posting is defined as:
    • Containing a link to a website that accepts payment for goods and/or services.
    • Containing a link to a website that has links to sites that accept payment for goods and/or services.
    • Containing a link to any website that displays or links to another site with the following content:
      1. Adult related material (still images, movies, stories)
      2. Anything related to online gambling
      3. Anything related to pharmacies, drugs, vitamins, or medications
      4. Anything related to body enhancement
      5. Anything related to real estate, stocks, bonds, or any other investment opportunity.
      6. Anything related to Amway, Herbalife, or any other half baked pyramid scheme.
  3. By posting a link in a comment that matches the above descripton, you agree that:
    • You are an authorized agent of the linked domain and have been given permission to create links to that domain by the domain’s owner
    • You have notified the owner of the domain that you have linked to of this pricing agreement
    • The owner of the domain you have linked to has agreed to pay the charges and fees as listed below in this agreement
  4. You agree that the owner of the domain which is linked to will pay all fees*, including the consideration fee,** to have the post reviewed by the administrator of whitewomanblackdog.com.
  5. You agree that all charges are final and fees will be paid by the 15th day of the calendar month. Fees are non-refundable

*Rates are as follows:

  1. Consideration Fee**: $9.99 per post.
  2. Comment charge: $19.95 per post per calendar month begining the day the comment is posted.
  3. Click through rate: $39.95 per click through

These fees will be billed to the domain owner at the beginning of the calendar month and are due no later than the 15th of the same month. Any fees not collected by the 16th of the month will be considered delinquent and a $50.00 late charge will be added to the ballance. An additional $50.00 charge will be added each month until the ballance is paid in full or 90 days from the first due date has been reached. Any amount left unpaid after 90 days will be handed over to a collections agency with the name and address of the domain owner listed as the debtor.

Cancellation Policy:
We understand that advertising markets change, and you may decide after the fact that advertising your site on whitewomanblackdog.com may not be the most effective way to reach your target market. Therefore, we offer a no hassle “opt-out” policy on our site.

In order to remove an advertising comment from our site, please insure the following steps are done:

  1. Your current invoice must be paid in full with no outstanding charges
  2. You must send a notarized letter via registered mail to the webmaster of this domain stating which comments you would like to have removed, the date and time the comments were made, and the post ID associated with each comment you wish to have removed. We want to make sure it’s actually you asking for the removal.  If all the above requested information is not provided, the request will be concidered suspect and will therefore be denied.  Fees will be accrued until the correct information is presented as outlined above.
  3. The letter must be received before the next billing cycle begins

This website and its owners are not responsible for verifying that a comment with a link to a domain containing content as described above has been posted by a legitimate agent of any domain.

**A consideration fee is charged when the advertising post is made. This fee is non-negotiable and does not guarantee that your post will be accepted.

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