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Happy damn Monday!

August 30, 2004 By: bio Category: General

It’s Monday, and I’m nearly done with today’s graveyard shift! What a lucky bastard I am!

I’m back into full graveyard rotation… one day per week for 5 weeks, then one week off (so to speak, I still have to work my normal 8 – 5 shift when I’m not doing the graveyard shuffle). I’d like to bitch… but then again, I’m employed and they pay me well (which makes me one hell of a lot better off than a lot of other people in this town).

In totally unrelated news: I went to the company picnic on Saturday at Avista Stadium. We watched the home team get their asses handed to them and my son got hit with a foul ball (well… he was trying to catch it… darn that whole coordination thing). He ended up with a nasty bruise and someone else’s rug rat grabbed the ball from my sons feet and ran off with it.

There is a bounty on that little booger nose’s head.

I also had some drunk guy fall on me while attempting the ever so difficult task of “chair dismount” at the ballgame. Great times!

Donations for the new server are starting to come in. Now, if I could just convince my bank to update my transactions online, I could verify my paypal account and perhaps pull thus said donations down and put them in the “buy a server” account.

Other news: I’m finally back on my motorcycle!

My wife and I went for a 30ish mile jaunt around the city yesterday with no ill effects. <Insert my happy dance here!> I’m hoping to start riding to work tomorrow.

UPDATE at 11:00 am:

Iv’e been awake for 26 hours now and there’s no hope of going home any time soon. A customer in Virginia called this morning with a bizzare issue… we’re not even sure at this time if it’s our problem or IBM’s.

Regardless… I’m going to be here for the rest of my life, which by my calculations, should end around noon or so.

A big damn THANK YOU!

August 27, 2004 By: bio Category: General

You rock! Seriously… you do!!

You have no idea how much your donation means to me.

The whole “host the internet for free” gig has been good, and I’ve had a lot of support, but the prospect of replacing the webserver has been cost prohibitive. That’s why every machine up till now has been donated (read: it was used, and I took it because they were gonna throw it away).

Due to donations from people like you… I can now do this on a reliable box… and make backups of the data!


I wub you!!

Donation Hall of Fame!

August 27, 2004 By: bio Category: General

Here is the list of those who are very, VERY damn cool and have made donations for the new server! *sniff* I love each and every one of them!

Date: Name: Amount: Location:
08/26/04 Pigman $20.00 Spokane, WA
08/27/04 Lisa D. $50.00 Anchorage, AK
08/28/04 Marc M. $20.00 United Kingdom
08/28/04 Bonesbros4x4.com $25.00 Spokane, WA
08/30/04 Amit S. $20.00 Spokane, WA
08/30/04 Mike S. $20.00 Spokane, WA
08/31/04 Jess T. $40.00 Spokane, WA
09/01/04 Bryan L. $30.00 Tampa, Fl
09/03/04 Dunfur Kennel $51.00 Cheney, WA
09/02/04 Pepperdine Sports Bar $100.00 Spokane, WA
09/03/04 Arny’s Diner $40.00 Spokane, WA
09/11/04 Ben Vandissel $100.00 Spokane, Wa
09/24/04 Eddie $40.00 Spokane, WA
Total Cost of new server: $1835.11
Total Amount Donated as of 10/17/04: $556
Amount below goal:: 1297.11

You can be cool too! Just contact me and I’ll give you the info on how to get added to the list!

Alms for the poor!

August 26, 2004 By: bio Category: General

My server is screwed.

There’s a few things that are very, VERY wrong with it and needs replacing.

So, I’m asking people whom I host if they can spare $20 or more.

The machine I’m replacing the server with is:
Antec Solution Series Case (SLK3700AMB)
2 AMD MP 2800+ Processors
1 GB DDR 400 RAM
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P Dual Athlon MP ATX Server board
4 80GB Seagate Baracutta 7200 SATA Drives
Iomega RAV drive for backups (35GB native, 90GB compressed)
+ video, cd, floppy, a boat load of cables, fans, etc.

Total cost: $1835.11

If I host you, and you’d like to donate, you can click the paypal link on the right hand side of the page (or at the pixelthugs.com website). Karma will be your best friend! If I don’t host you and you donate, I shall sing songs in your praise and name my next child after you! (authors note: I had a vasectomy in 1993, so the odds of that are quite slim)

I will be removing the paypal thing after the new server is orderd (I’m not doing this for profit).

Thanks for not calling me a greedy bastard in advance!

As an added bonus… the person who contributes the most gets a prize:


HP Netserv LH
Dual PIII 600mHz processors
1x 9Gb 10k SCSI System drive
6x 18GB 10k SCSI Drives (raid 5, hot swappable, self healing)
409 MB RAM
Dual power supplies
Dual NIC
CD. Floppy, etc

*Monitor, keyboard, mouse, and OS not included. Server is slightly fuxored. Winner pays shipping 🙂

One last thing. I understand money is tight. If I do host you and you can’t afford to spare any cash, it’s no big deal. You’ll still be hosted at the low, low rate of free (just like always).

Hot off the presses!

August 24, 2004 By: bio Category: General

(AP) – Washington
Today, President Bush and his advisors announced their new foreign
policy plan for the Middle East.