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Need for speed

April 30, 2004 By: bio Category: General

I love my DSL!

Sure, cable modems are fast… but they don’t allow you to have servers on them for things like webhosting (at least they don’t in Spokane). They also cap your upload speed fairly low (which can suck with multiple connections to online games).

Recently, Qwest (aka: those lying bastards) actually followed through for once and gave me an upgrade to my 640kbs line. According to them, it’s now a 1.5mbs line with up to 1mbs upload. The best part was… it was a free upgrade (it isn’t any more… you have to pay a one time $9.99 processing fee to get it). I did have to buy a new router (an Actiontec – which blows), but you can rent them for $3 a month (or pay $60 to buy it).

I ran a few tests tonight through various servers across the net and they’re all pretty much in agreement. It’s actually a little faster than it shows, as the server is hit pretty much all day and all night (sucking away some of my performance).

Life is good.

On another note… tonight is my last night of graveyard. This is probably a good thing, as my wife is getting rather irritated with the alarm clock going off at 1am (and me not hearing it).

Of course, I’m not going to get much sleep tomorrow. I have to go to Holy Family hospital for my pre-surgery screening, then off to my Doctor’s office for some lab work. The joys of preparing for a surgery! We’re also heading out tonight to Good Times to watch some band or another. See you there!

The webcam is on again tonight… though it’s probably pretty damn boring to watch. If it’s between the hours of 1:00 am and 9:00 am PST, you just might get to look at the back of my head. Oh, the excitement!!

Class reunion ahoy!

April 29, 2004 By: bio Category: General

I called my old high school a couple of weeks ago to inquire about my 20th class reunion (class of ’84… yeah, I’m old).

I wasn’t able to go to my 10th reunion because I was poor beyond belief (college has done wonders to my income!).

Today, I got an email from “Connie” (who’ll I’ll have to look up in my year book) giving me the skinny of the upcoming event.

It takes place in my home town of Huron, SD on July 2 & 3. It looks like we’ll be meeting at the Elks (where ever the hell that is) on Friday, then on Saturday we’re going to Lake Ravine in the morning, the the Sportsman’s Club (again… I have no idea where the hell that is either) in the evening. There’s also the mention of a possible golf outing… so I’m gonna need to bring my clubs.

I hope they provide maps.

Of course, the whole trip depends on how my back heals up from the surgery I have scheduled for the monday after next.

I haven’t been back to Huron in 20 years. I doubt anyone I still know (or care to see) still lives there. I’ve decided to just speend the weekend there, then head back to the Black Hills to play the tourist (Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, etc.). At least that part for sure should be fun!

It’s getting down to the wire…

April 28, 2004 By: bio Category: General

My surgery is scheduled 12 days from today (the Monday after next).

I have two pre-surgery appointments prior to “fillet of Tone” day… one on Friday, and the other next Tuesday. combine that with all the lab work I have to get done prior to my surgery, and you’ve got one busy boy.

Wheeee… fun!

The whole working the graveyard shift is nearly done. I’ve been working it for the past week and a half and after today only have two shifts left. I can’t state enough how much this shift blows. It’s screwed up when I take my meds, bringing my back to a roiling boil, and I’m living on sleep deprivation.

Next week, I’ll be in the office working a normal shift (thank God!).

To pass the time… I’ve been making fun of my brother-in-law over on my forum. Take a peek at it, register an account, and I’ll make fun of you too! (or, perhaps not… my choice).

I’ve also been trying to pull down episodes of Red vs. Blue from the official website. Since they only post a few at a time, it’s pretty frustrating. If anyone out there knows where there’s an unofficial repository with all the episodes in the dvix avi format… let me know.

And finally… I know I promised to get my webcam running…. but I’ve run into a snag. I can’t find the damn thing. Apparently, I put it someplace or another but for the life of me can’t figure out where. I’ll look some more and will hopefully find it today.

– fin –

Keywords are teh funneh!!

April 26, 2004 By: bio Category: General

When I purchased this domain some 5 years ago, I knew I would get a few hits from people looking for porn. Apparently… “a few” was a mild understatement.

Here’s a screenshot from my tracking software showing some of the more popular words people have typed in to the search engines this month… this is priceless!!

We've got the pr0n!!

Who the hell would want to see some of those searches…. and what the hell do I have here that would show my site as positive for thus said content?

I love the web!

I’m working a normal shift

April 26, 2004 By: bio Category: General

I’m working a normal shift today… 8 – 5. Well… semi-normal. I do have to do the graveyard shift as well.

So I’ll be up at 1:00 am for the 2 am – 10 am shift as well. It’s gonna be a long damn day.

Perhaps I’ll turn on the webcam for those of you who can’t sleep.

Last weekend was nice. I got together with two friends of mine, Mike and Sean. I haven’t seen Mike in 5 years (he moved off to Kansas) and it’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve seen Sean.

The 3 of us worked together in a hell hole that doesn’t exist anymore called Software Spectrum (well… it still exists, but only in a limited sort of way… the office we worked in went belly up a while ago). There are a great many entertaining stories I could tell about the adventures we used to have… the road trips, the smoking area, terrorizing Liberty Lake, WA on rollerblades, etc..

I hooked up with them on Friday and we killed a half-rack of Fat Tire Ale while playing catch up with each other.

Great times!

On Sunday, I took my son and his friend out to watch The Punisher. Violence-R-Us! It’s not a bad film, but it’s not a great film either. It was, however, worth the $6 matinee admittance I paid for each of us.

Other news: I’m trying to get info from my neurosurgeon’s office on my eminent surgery. I get cut 2 weeks from today and I need to let my work know what the down-time is for the procedure. I’ve left a message…. hopefully I’ll get a call back soon.

My wife is recovering from her surgery two weeks ago. She’s now allowed to drive again so she’s not locked into the house all day (though she’s such a hermit… that’s where she stays anyway). She’ll still have 2 weeks or so off when I get cut, so we’ll have some overlap.

That’s it for now… see ya at 2:00 am!