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The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry

June 29, 2006 By: bio Category: General

I had intended on writing something rather witty and perhaps extremely offensive today.

Instead, I woke up with the back from hell.

I’m feeling surly, but not so much that I feel the driving need to roast religion, politics, the NRA, or even stupid people.

Perhaps tomorrow.

I need to update more often.

June 27, 2006 By: bio Category: Stupid Shit

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new category on the old website: Stupid Shit.

It will be filled with things that I hate, things that piss me off, etc.

It’s gonna be chock full of stuff (because I’m finding that the whole damn world pisses me off).

I already have the first 6 posts in my head. Yes, they will offend some, no I don’t care. Oh… and a preemptive strike for you. If you find offence at something I say and feel the need to post a comment to flame me… you will be mocked, viciously.

So… buckle up, buttercup, and prepare for the ride.

Why I hate cellphones

June 26, 2006 By: bio Category: General

Cellphones have their place. They’re incredibly handy if your car breaks down, you’re at the store and need to find out if you need to pick up milk, etc. There are however, times when a cell phone should never EVER be used.

For example, I just got off a business call to someone who’s working off-site. He’s in a warehouse setting some equipment up. In the middle of the call he said “I hate this place… there’s nothing in here… they don’t even have toilet paper!”.

Then, I heard a toilet flush.



I feel unclean now. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting in the shower, rocking softly and sobbing.

I hate everyone and everything

June 20, 2006 By: bio Category: General

There are times when it’s blindingly clear that the world is populated by mouth-breathers.

Today is one of those days.

I attempted to make a purchase on my lunch break, the Black & Decker Auto Wrench. I need two of them (one for my father-in-law as a late father’s day gift and one for myself, because they’re just sooooo damn cool). Of course… I couldn’t find one.

What I did find, however, is that today was genetic throwback day for all of the drivers on the road. Apparently, red lights and turn signals are purely options to these people, as I was nearly hit twice.

Every parking lot I attempted to enter was in the same state: shopping cart madness! Why is it that people feel it’s ok to leave the cart in the middle of the damn parking lot where it can roll into someone’s car? Can’t you be bothered to walk those few extra feet and put it in the damn shopping cart return (which are conveniently placed all over the damn place)?

Don’t be an inconsiderate bastard. I don’t care of your car is a piece of shit, mine isn’t, and I’d prefer that your damn cart didn’t roll into it.

While I’m on the subject… here’s a few other parking lot etiquette tips:

  • Dump your damn ashtray in the garbage can! That’s just plain nasty!
  • If you need to change your kids crappy diaper, put that in the damn can too! There’s nothing worse than the smell of toddler poo on hot asphalt! (I seriously have a hard time believing this every time I see it!)
  • Park in one space… BETWEEN the lines! If you want a little extra space (to avoid door dings from the other mouth breathers), park at the far end of the lot.

Follow those 3 simple rules (and pretty much anthing else that is common sense) and you’ll discover that team WWBD will direct much less blind rage on your ass.

The joys of home ownership (part 752)

June 05, 2006 By: bio Category: General

Friday was payday.

This payday in particular was special to me. I get paid every two weeks and apply my funds to bills on a very regimented schedule (just the way my creditors like it). Occasionally, once or twice per year, I end up with a paycheck that has no bills attached to it. Basically, it’s free money (well, money that I don’t have to immediately disperse to others).

I got my check, deposited the entire thing into savings, and dreamed a little dream of what I might spend it on in the future.

I ended up spending a huge chunk of it the very next day.

My new water heater.... behold it's water heating capabilities!

I awoke on Saturday morning to the sound of the blower on my water heater going. I thought this was odd, because I heard it going on Friday night, so I went down to the furnace room (which is also where my water heater is located) to check it out.

Sure enough…. no hot water for me.

I started poking about with it, trying to troubleshoot exactly what the issue might be. The power vent was running, which creates a vacuum for the vacuum switch, which would start the electronic igniter, which should light the gas burner… but there was no flame.

I checked for power, gas, etc…. still no flame.

Crap… it’s gotta be the regulator.

So… I called a plumber to come check it out. I explained to the dispatcher what I had done for troubleshooting and what I assumed the issue was. I asked if they would have the part on the truck and was assured that it would be (it was Saturday and the warehouse that keeps the parts closes at noon).

At 11:30, the truck pulled up and a large man with a very thick Russian accent knocked on my door. I showed him to the giant vat of not so very hot water and he began to tear it apart, humming to himself the entire time. I pretty much just left him alone (I hate it when people watch over my shoulder when I work.

He replaced the igniter (um… that was working just fine), and tested the other components. Then dropped the bomb on me. “I’m sorry, but I can not fix” he said. “It must be regulator, I no have on truck”.

Of course, that announcement was made at 12:20… the parts warehouse is now closed until monday. Thus began the great search for a new one (I wanted the ability to take a shower, wash clothes, and perhaps some dishes before Monday).  On a positive note, he didn’t charge me anything.  “We have policy.  I no fix, there no charge” he informed me.

Damn spiffy policy in my opinion!!

5 stores and about $600 later, I found one (the only one in town): the Kenmore Power Vent 50 Gallon Natural Gas water heater.

Since it was about 6″ taller than the old one, I had to do some modifications to the plumbing to make it work (change the height of the input and output lines) and I added a shutoff to the hot side (so if I ever have to work on it, I can shut both the hot and cold water off and not drain the whole damn house). I finally finished with it around 7:00 pm.

Of course, in true Casa de WWBD fashion, I have company right now (the only time a major appliance fails in my house is when I have people staying with me), but at least it wasn’t my friend Tom this time 🙂