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I hate everything (nearly)

August 07, 2006 By: bio Category: General, Stupid Shit

I’m full of ire and destain for the world today, so I figured I’d make a quick list of all the things I hate (well, I hate a lot of things, so this will be the “quick list”).

  1. Stupid People.  Yes, I’m sure I’m not the brightest bulb in the house, but by and large, the unwashed masses make my dog look like Einstein.
  2. Stupid Huge SUV’s.  What, do you drive around singing “Cigaro” to yourself all day?  Bejesus… do you really need a vehicle that’s 8 feet wide, gets 10 mpg, and won’t ever fit in your garage?
  3. Wal*Mart.  It’s a gathering place for point #1.  Most shoppers at that chain really only need 2 things: orthodontia and soap.
  4. Political Parties.  The two party system in this country is a travesty.  Each side tries to push their agenda while stopping the other from doing the same.  How about putting that shit aside and doing what the voters want?
  5. Organized Religion.  Ok… the can of worms is open now.  Name one truly good thing that any organized religion ever gave to humanity (I can’t).  I’m not against having faith, but the moment a religion becomes organized, it get into politics, and we see what that means in #4.
  6. MySpace.  Every single MySpace site is the same special blend of calorie free mental diarrhea.  No content, no purpose.  And quit hot-linking my damn bandwidth away!!
  7. DRM in Windows Vista.  I swear to you, I will never install Vista until all the DRM crap is hacked out of it.  Treating everyone like a potential criminal is wrong. 
  8. Spinners.  Spinners are those wheels with the spinny bit in the middle.  You can also get them as plastic hub caps from Wal*Mart.  More gay than a very gay thing!  Seriously, why not get some euro tail lights and a coffee can exhaust while you’re at it and totally fag your ride out.
  9. Creamed Corn.  Just ick!
  10. Stupid top 10 lists.  Wow… are you that desperate for content? (Well, apparently I am).

Tune in tomorrow and listen to me call your Momma a bitch.

The ultimate band name!

August 01, 2006 By: bio Category: General, Stupid Shit

Band names are important.

If I had any tallent, and was actually in a band, our name would be something like this:


Oh yeah…. that’s the perfect band name.

I need to update more often.

June 27, 2006 By: bio Category: Stupid Shit

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new category on the old website: Stupid Shit.

It will be filled with things that I hate, things that piss me off, etc.

It’s gonna be chock full of stuff (because I’m finding that the whole damn world pisses me off).

I already have the first 6 posts in my head. Yes, they will offend some, no I don’t care. Oh… and a preemptive strike for you. If you find offence at something I say and feel the need to post a comment to flame me… you will be mocked, viciously.

So… buckle up, buttercup, and prepare for the ride.