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September 30, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I’ve pulled somewhat into myself recently.

Between the pain and the drugs that I have to take to combat it, I’m not very sociable. Several of you have noticed that I’m not returning calls or email right now. Unfortunately, that’s the way it’s gonna be for a bit.

I had my MRI today. They force you into a metal tube barely bigger than your body and subject you to loud noises for an hour. When your back is toast, lying imobile on that metal slab can have a profound impact on your attitude. I’ll have the results on the 9th.

I also had to come to the realization today that driving my car is out of the picture for a while. An unfortunate side effect of the pain meds is that they turn your brain into sluggish oatmeal. I can’t trust myself behind the wheel at the moment and have arranged to carpool to work for as long as I can.

Not the cheeriest of posts, but it’s hard to think right now, so it’ll have to do.

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Monday, monday… so good to me…

September 29, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Happy monday!

The weekend was actually productive for me. I finished toying with the furnace and now actually have heat AND air conditioning! Let the party begin!

My friend Jess also came over on Sunday and upgraded the server to the latest rev of linux, updated all the apps, and patched the crap out of it to keep those wacky kids out. Life is truly good.

The seeSTORE and broTHOR-in-law came over on Saturday for dinner, drinks, and general mayhem. David brought along some shiny new toys to show off (he had some Olympus goggles that plugged into his DVD player that were totally cool).

I also got all set up with the doctors on Friday. I have an appointment for a MRI on Tuesday morning and get to see my neurosurgeon on the 9th. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix me up (back pain sucks mucho-buttock).

Link of the day: Happy Crabs! (thanks mmeowgrl!)

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS LINK (woot!): MC Chris – Fett’s Vette. Check out the rest of the site here.

Like a head full of oatmeal…

September 26, 2003 By: bio Category: General

Things have been a little fuzzy the last few days (“little” as in: Anna Nicole Smith is a little chunky).

I’ve been toying with my medication dosage, trying to find the perfect amount. It says to take 1-2 tablets every 4 hours for pain. 1 tablet doesn’t cut it, 2 tablets make me drool all over myself. So… I picked up a pill cutter yesterday. 1 and a half tablets is still a bit too much, gonna try 1 and a third today.

In other news… hell, there is no other news. I’ve been living in slow motion, oblivious to the world around me. I wake up, drive to work, take my meds, then around lunch they wear off. I eat, then take my meds again and suddenly it’s 5 pm. Once again sober, I drive home and take more meds.

I guess I do lead the rock star lifestyle after all!

Still no word on when my appointment with my neurosurgeon is. I’ll be calling yet again today.

UPDATE – (2:21 PM) I now have an appointment with my surgeon: October 9th! Now I need to scramble to get a MRI prior to that date (wheeee!)

Link of the day: I set a new world record! (thanks moth!)

We’re all stars… in the dope show

September 23, 2003 By: bio Category: General

I went to the doctor today about my back.

For those of you who read this thing from time to time, I had surgery a few months ago to deal with a herniated disk (between L4 and L5). Recently, the discomfort I felt before has started returning with a vengeance.

After a quick examination, my physician referred me back to my neurosurgeon and filled my blood with steroids and vicodin.

This causes problems at work, as my job requires higher brain functions, but my boss understands and will make sure I don’t get buried with things I can’t possibly hope to do.

Now I’m waiting to find out when things are gonna happen. At this point, it’s probable that they’ll have to cut me open again and correct whatever’s wrong. Of course, I’ll have them tape the procedure this time so that I can mpg it and post it (wheeee, my spine on the web!).

If the above post doesn’t make a lot of sense, it’s because I’m pretty damn doped up right now.

Link of the whenever: Home Star Runner. I love the email section! (make sure you follow the words he types… some of them are clickable)

The NRA can kiss my ass (seriously)

September 22, 2003 By: bio Category: General

As some of you may know, I run a little forum on this site.

While it’s not the largest on the web (27 members), it is full of wit (read: people post like they have a brain).

A thread was started last night on Michael Moore’s film, “Bowling for Columbine”. Of course, this got people going (an opinionated bunch, they are!). Then coincidence kicks in: Today in Spokane, WA (the two mule, olive pit of a town I live in), a 17 year old went to his high school with a loaded gun and was eventually shot by the SWAT team (click for story).

I think we need to discuss how I should win the powerball lottery (lets see if coincidence can happen twice, shall we?).

on a totally unrelated note: Having a domain name like whitewomanblackdog.com gives me hours of entertainment just from the name alone.

Todays keywords for serches used at yahoo, google, and other engines are (in no particular order)

free, black, porn, white, rackmount, no, cabin, bullshit, server, and, wwbd, woman, dog

Oh… and someone tried to go to whitewomanblackdick.com (which doesn’t exist), and it suggested that perhaps they meant my domain (they clicked it… SUCKER!!).