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Yup…. I never post

September 07, 2006 By: bio Category: General

I know, I’ve been very lax on posting.

I maintain another blog (which is updated pretty damn often) and moderate a fairly spiffy forum (again, posting a lot… I’m a regular chatty bitch there), but never seem to find the time to keep this site up to date.

My bad.

The idea behind this site was to fill it with my angst. Instead, it seems to be catching all my apathy.

I’ll have to do something about that… listen to some Linkin Park, read more news stories about Paris Hilton, or follow along with the crazy and wacky antics of our lovely President.

Well, the Linkin Park part doesn’t sound too bad, but reading about a skanky two dollar whore or following along with a lying moron with dreams of grandeur who’s driven our country into the dirt has just become tiresome (at least I’m still opinionated).

So.. until I think of something clever or witty (or not) to post, I leave you with this tasty news story (complete with a photo of an x-ray). Prisoners Smuggle Cell Phones (can you hear me now?)

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