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Good night and sweet dreams

September 27, 2006 By: bio Category: General

Whitewomanblackdog.com - Rest in peace

It’s time to put it to bed.

I’ve been running this website in one form or another since 1995. It began as “Tone Def’s Ultra Cool Homepage in Amazing 2D” (which looked horrible, but was hand coded with love and inexperience). Then it became “Bioland” and was hosted by the kids at freshmet.net (who forgot to renew their domain name and some Korean bitch-wad grabbed it out from under them… I think it’s still for sale if you have way too much money). Then finally, in 1999, it became White Woman Black Dog.

How the names came to be

The names “Bioland” and “White Woman Black Dog” both came from interactions with my brother, Joe.

He had hemophilia and always had sharps containers around his house (for disposing of the needles he used to inject himself with clotting factor). One day, as I walked through his house, I noted that he had about 8 of them sitting out. I said “I hereby dub your house ‘Bio-Land’!” and then did some goofy dance. It amused him, and eventually ended up being my online name.

“White Woman Black Dog”, on the other hand, comes from something slightly shadier.

There was a bachelor party, and they blind-folded the groom, took him into an adult novelty shop, and started handing him things to identify by touch (the groom didn’t know where they took him… but it didn’t take long to figure out” My brother was telling me about the various implements of destruction they had there. “Dude… that had to be a floor sculpture! No one could use that thing!!”. He also talked about the magazines they sold. “They had everything… butt sex, oral sex, white woman black dog, you name it!!”. Of course, it was much funnier with his hand gestures, but you get my drift.

Sadly, my brother passed away before the internet became available.

Why the site is going down

I haven’t actually done anything of value with this site for the past couple of years (and the few years before that I was just faking it). I’m just out of ideas for now, and posting a “I’m done” message is a lot easier than dealing with e-mails saying “why don’t you post more?”. Perhaps something will drive me to re-open things and start anew, but I’m not feeling that right now. Right now, I need a rest.

A few final words

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the millions and millions of people who came by to check the place out over the years. I’m especially thankful to the thousands and thousands of people who came here who weren’t trying to search for animal porn. Oh… and a big WWBD “Fuck You!” to the myspace, livejournal, and blogspot users who can’t seem to grasp the concept that hotlinking is bad.

Special thanks to Eve at grumpyoldwoman.net. Without her, this site would have probably died a long time ago.

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  1. My dearest Biobutt,

    Although this post is really really sad, and an end of an era, I can also TOTALLY understand. Your wwbd is my ms-geek, both fun while they lasted, but we’ve kind of moved on (although I’m gonna miss plugging this site at every available opportunity!)

    I’m glad you’re not taking it down though, not only because half my goddamn blog is linked to it in some way, no really, it’s not that at all 😉 It’s a bit of history, MY internet history. It’s thru the old Bioland, and old WWBD I got my first taste of an internet nutcase like myself, when I was very, very new to the net (and yet I didn’t unplug the telephone line and run from my computer screaming), and I still love to walk down memory lane now and then.

    So Vale WWBD. Bio, you did (and will continue to do) a great job. 😀