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Why I hate myspace

August 02, 2006 By: bio Category: Geeky Stuff, General

One look at my logs shows why I hate myspace and opendirviewer.

Take a peek at the referer list for my site. EVERY SINGLE ONE from myspace or opendirviewer is a hotlink to an image on my site.

Fucking bandwidth leaches!!
Hotlinking to images sucks up bandwidth. With over 25% of the refer list being myspace alone, you can see why I get cranky.

So… I’ve done a little something to discourage it.

If you attempt to hotlink any of my images to your myspace page, my server replaces the requested image with the following one:

Of course, that image is what you’re seeing in the chart above. Before I started replacing images from myspace, the amount of bandwidth lost was much, MUCH worse!

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