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Making money dissapear (part IX)

July 23, 2005 By: bio Category: General

We finally did it!

We decided that rather than pour more money into my wife’s ’99 Dodge Durango, it might be better to dump it and purchase another car. After looking at various vehicles on the net, we narrowed it down to a few. After taking the test drives, we had a winner…

2005 Jeep Liberty Limited
3.7L V6, 4×4, flame red paint, heated leather seats, heated side mirrors, tilt wheel, A/C, power everything, chrome wheels, built in garage door opener, electronic tire pressure sensors, cruise control, 6 disk in dash CD changer, yadda, yadda, yadda. It’s sweet! 🙂

It's a jeep thing

Heated leather seats


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  1. OMG Yuppis run away run away LOL ….kidding nice car beats a red dasher 😉

  2. Wow, thats purty!!!

  3. Jennifer Wright says:

    what a beautiful jeep